Our Engineering and Consultants

At Fidelis Engineering, we are committed to fostering long-term relationships with our candidate base.  We assist each individual through all the stages of their professional career development. Whether actively or passively looking, our services are free to candidates who desire to be kept apprised of opportunities that could enhance their careers.

Advantages include tenured recruiters with a deep understanding of technology and industry, and direct access to hiring managers and decision-makers.  We stay engaged in the process through its entirety and provide:

  • Resume writing assistance
  • Feedback from resume submittals
  • Interview preparation
  • Offer negotiation
  • Guidance on how to handle counter-offers
  • Guidance on how to professionally resign without burning bridges

How We Work

At Fidelis Companies, we pride ourselves on not wasting anyone’s time, not yours or ours. In order to accomplish this objective, we follow a thorough internal hiring process with all of our candidates and consultants. Although the process may vary slightly with each individual team member, the same principles are involved for each candidate and consultant brought into our network.

With our highly specialized areas, the majority of our network comes to us on a referral basis. After receiving the resume of an interested candidate or consultant, we provide you with a detailed career profile form and schedule a convenient time to further discuss the next logical step in your career. The profile interview allows the recruiter to gain additional insight about your background that isn’t interpreted on your resume. Compensation, location and relocation preferences are reviewed; however, the majority of the interview is focused on your achievements. We want to know what impacts you had at your previous employer. In order to verify and quantify your achievements, we check previous employer and peer references.

Once we gain thorough search assignment details, we turn to our internal, profiled network of candidates and consultants to identify the best resources for the position. Simultaneously, we turn to the market and cold call for additional talent and follow the same process of profiling and reference checking.

We then present the most qualified resumes to our client, prep each person chosen for an interview, and debrief and provide feedback after the interview process is completed. Once an offer is extended, we negotiate on your behalf to ensure all terms are agreeable to both the client and you. Finally, we either work with our client to execute an offer letter or we personally execute all required contracts and on-boarding documents. We are committed to walking you through all phases of the hiring process to ensure you are well prepared to begin your new endeavor.

Engineering Positions We Fill

IC/HW/Systems Design & Architecture

  • Analog, RFIC, Mixed-Signal, MMIC, Digital, VLSI, Microprocessor
  • Systems Engineering, Applications Engineering, Test, Verification, Validation
  • Signal Processing, Algorithm Design/Development Signal Integrity Engineering

Block Design

  • ADCs/DACs, PLLs, VCOs, LNAs, Mixers, Bandgaps, OpAmps
  • High-Speed I/Os, CDRs, PRML Read Channel
  • TIAs, Laser Drivers, Comparators
  • DC-DC Converters, Voltage Regulators, LDOs

Technology Sectors

  • Mobile, Base Station, Wireless, WiMAX, GSM, CDMA WLAN, LTE
  • Optical, Photonic
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 10G/40G/100G, SerDes, PCI-E
  • Power Management
  • High Volume Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Datacom


  • Deep sub-micron, CMOS, BiCMOS, Si, SiC, GaAs, InP, GaN
  • Fabless-client positions often require experience with Contract Manufacturers (Domestic & International) such as TSMC, UMC, SGS, TRW, etc.


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