Our BioPharm Candidates and Consultants

Fidelis BioPharm is well networked in the areas of Research and Development, Clinical Operations and Medical Affairs. We proactively recruit and network constantly, which allows us to be at the forefront of trends in the market. We offer both direct hire and contract services in each of our specializations, which allows flexibility for our candidates and consultants in their career search.

How We Work

At Fidelis BioPharm, we pride ourselves on not wasting anyone’s time, not yours or ours. In order to accomplish this objective, we follow a thorough internal hiring process with all of our candidates and consultants. Although the process may vary slightly with each individual team member, the same principles are involved for each candidate and consultant brought into our network.

With our highly specialized areas, the majority of our network comes to us on a referral basis. After receiving the resume of an interested candidate or consultant, we schedule a convenient time to profile you. The profile interview allows the recruiter to gain additional insight about your background that isn’t interpreted on your resume. Compensation, location and relocation preferences are reviewed; however, the majority of the interview is focused on your achievements. We want to know what impacts you had at your previous employer.

In order to verify and quantify your achievements, we check previous employer and peer references, and send reference reviews with each resume we submit. We do not submit candidates or consultants to clients until we have spoken to a minimum of two references.

Once we gain thorough search assignment details, we turn to our internal, profiled network of candidates and consultants to identify the best resources for the position. Simultaneously, we turn to the market and cold call for additional talent and follow the same process of profiling and reference checking.

We then present the most qualified resumes to our client, prep each person chosen for an interview, and debrief and provide feedback after the interview process is completed. Once an offer is extended, we negotiate on your behalf to ensure all terms are agreeable to both the client and you. Finally, we either work with our client to execute an offer letter or we personally execute all required contracts and on-boarding documents. We are committed to walking you through all phases of the hiring process to ensure you are well prepared to begin your new endeavor.

BioPharm Positions We Fill

Clinical Operations

Our Clinical Operations team routinely fulfills strategic and clinical trial needs by finding the top professionals their clients request.

As a leader in recruiting for Medical Affairs, we have successfully worked with clients in the following areas:

  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Clinical Project/Trial Managers
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Associate Directors
  • Director of Clinical

Medical Affairs

With the Medical Affairs team, clients can expect highly skilled candidates throughout all therapeutic areas, while candidates are matched with high-level opportunities that will advance their career.

As a leader in recruiting for Medical Affairs, we have successfully worked with clients in the following areas:

  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Scientific and Medical Writers
  • Medical Communications/Information Professionals
  • Medical Affairs Sales Trainers
  • Publication Planning

Scientific Research and Development

Our R&D team maintains a strong presence in scientific research at all stages of drug development. Our professionals guarantee a thorough process and can understand and communicate the needs of their industry.

R&D areas of specialization:

  • Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK
  • Molecular Biologists, Protein Chemists, Nucleic Acid Enzymologists
  • Organic, Analytical, Bioanalytical methods development, Medicinal Chemists
  • Immunologists, Cell Biologists, Antibody/Protein Engineers, Formulation Dev. Scientists for both Small Molecule and Biologics
  • In vivo Pharmacologists, Toxicologists, Safety
  • Cell Culture Process
  • Assay Development
  • Pre-clinical and clinical toxicology, safety, immuno-toxicology, pharmacology, in vivo models, in vitro assays, DMPK, PKPD, pharmacokinetics
  • Cell Therapy, viral vector therapy , manufacturing, process development, mammalian cell cultures, bioreactors, media development, formulations, cell line development
  • Antibody engineering, biologics drug discovery, bispecific antibodies, ADC, hybridoma, B cell cloning, protein analytics, developability, affinity maturation and humanization
  • Companion diagnostics, personalized medicine, assay development, HTS, NGS, genomic sequencing, bioinformatics, biomarkers and translational research, immunology, autoimmunity, immuno-oncology


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