Tips for Finding the RIGHT Staffing Partner

5 keys to identifying the right staffing partners 


Nobody is an expert in everything. General IT staffing firms and MSP’s are great for your run of the mill IT roles, but when you are running complex systems specialization matters. Hire staffing partners who are experts.  The firm’s you partner with should have deep relationships within their technology space and be active in those communities. This will deliver the expertise needed for a successful outcome.


Vetting out the stability of the partner you choose should be top of mind.  Look for financial stability. It is not always the size of the staffing partner that matters, it is their ability to pay their consultants in a timely matter, carry the insurances required to minimize risk and the ability to scale their workforce  to support your demands.

Longevity of Internal Staff

 A large part of a successful relationship with a staffing vendor is your sales rep and recruiting team’s ability to understanding your organization and its unique IT needs and corporate culture. If the firm you are looking at seems to have a different rep. calling on you every couple of months, you will run a high risk of mistakes being made and information getting lost in transition. Look for firms who work hard to retain and develop their internal staff. If there is no longevity or succession planning within their organization, they may be more risk than reward long term. 

Back-Office Support

There is more to a staffing partner than their ability to find talent. Engaging a firm with a strong back-office is critical in meeting the needs of today’s customer.  Look for firms who have the technology and financial capabilities to do what is needed to meet the demands that come with the size and scale of your organization and the services you will require.


A partner will always operate with honesty and integrity. Look for firms who  operate under these principals. Talk to  past customers about how they delivered on what they promised. How they  handled challenging situations that arose and dealt with budget constraints to meet their commitments.

A  partner is going to be honest about what they can and can’t do. They will advise you on the resources they represent and the price points they can work within. Partners work through any challenges with integrity. A quality staffing firm should not be in the relationship for maximizing short term profits and slinging resumes to fill positions. They should be in it for long-term partnerships and delivering a positive outcome for their customers.

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