Welcome to the team, Carolyn!

We would like to welcome our newest team member to Fidelis! Carolyn Hentchel has joined our Infor/Oracle team as their newest Sales Coordinator. She will be researching companies who run Infor/Lawson and PeopleSoft and supporting our business development team members with new project opportunities. Once she learns the industry, she’ll make the transition and join our sales team full time as a fellow business development team member!

Carolyn is very excited to dive into the ERP world and begin helping both our clients and consultants!


A little about Carolyn…

Carolyn is originally from Battle Creek, MI but packed up her mom’s old minivan one day and never looked back! She landed in Dallas seven years ago and joined the Dallas Police Department, which she found beyond rewarding during her time on the force. As an officer, she was part of a unit that ran high-level warrants alongside federal agencies, among other responsibilities.

As you can imagine, Carolyn saw some very interesting things during her career as a police officer and built some amazing friendships, but after several years on the police department she was ready to move onto the next chapter in life.

While living in Michigan, Carolyn played ice hockey while growing up, even playing the Junior Olympics! Now that she has hung up her skates, she can now be found with her nose in a book or at the gym doing weight training.


Please welcome, Carolyn Hentchel!


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Social Media, here we come!

Well, we finally kicked off our quarterly newsletter last month! I’m writing a version for our consultants and one for our managers, and the opt-in forms went out around the beginning of January. The plan is to get them out at the beginning of the quarter, but because it was the first copy, of course there were some road blocks along the way. And looking at the numbers, the percentage of people who opted-in from the email’s I sent out compared to the number of consultants and managers in the databases of my recruiter and account manager’s is still very small, but I have high hopes for this new outlet. My hope is that over the next two quarters, we can at least double the number of subscriptions on both sides of the desk. And on a more positive note, we did gain some new subscriptions after both newsletters were sent out so the office perception is positive so far.

With these newsletters, I’m hoping to not only keep everyone informed with what we are seeing in the market, but to also push our social media to the next level. Social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter were non-existent with Fidelis when I started and with a degree in Journalism and Communication, I came in seeing an opportunity to push us into this market. It’s been a rocky start so far, but with the kick-off of our quarterly newsletter being something that’s never been done here, I’m shooting for the stars.

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