Cookie Anyone?

In honor of Christmas and everyone’s indulgence of sweets around this time of year, we hosted a cookie contest for our team. With eight homemade entries, recipes included for proof, Friday afternoon turned quickly into a sugar high for most of our team.

Fidelis 032
The 8 cookie submissions ready for the taste test.


Guidelines were as follows: 

*Cookie contest will be held Dec. 13th in the conference room

*Entries are due to Casidy by 1:00 p.m. Dec. 13th

*Bring your best homemade cookies – no store bought allowed

*Recipe is required for cookie entries

*MUST have enough cookies for everyone to sample one – minimum 2 dozen cookies in order to compete

*Bring the entries in a sealed, unmarked container or hidden from public view

*Each entry will be provided a numerical value that will be marked on the cookie container provided

*At 2:00 p.m. – every person that wants to join will gather in the conference room and “sample” each cookie entry as they are distributed and confidentially vote for their favorite via the ballot box in the lobby

Our entries included:

Fidelis 035
The 8 entry names and coordinating voting number.


After everyone sampled all the entries, they were asked to participate in a blind vote for their favorite. With eight options to try, you can image the sugar high everyone left with. Milk was provided to cleanse the palette between options. It was a tough decision for some,  And the winner was:

Bill was our cookie winner!


 Bill with his Nana’s Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin cookies! Congrats to Bill and everyone who participated. They were all delicious and a great way to wrap up a week!

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