Fidelis is starting a newsletter!

Talk about a BUSY Friday!!! This week definitely started off pretty ‘down in the dumps’ around the office with sickness bouncing from cube to cube, but today really rose above for us. Both of our AM’s have rocked it today. Multiple openings have rolled in this afternoon, which is cautiously telling us 2012 is definitely off to a good start. Oh, and not to mention a deal that was closed in the middle of this week. Wow, what a great time to be in this industry!

Now to the real great news…Michelle and I talked back in October about kicking off a quarterly newsletter to keep our consultants and manager updated with news & updates within each others sides of the business. I was very excited about this considering I come from a Comm & Journalism degree, so this was right up my alley! So it was put in the back seat as I picked back up my new role as Project Coordinator – I had to get back into the business development routine and start tracking down all this new business that’s rolling in! Then the end of the year rolled around and other projects took precedent. But now, now I’m ready to go!

I’ve slowly started setting up our account and tracking down the consultants and managers we are already in contact with so we’ll have a strong base to start with. I did the webinar training, took lots of notes and finally  got the opt-in form designed and ready to go. Today was the big day for the consultant side. It was time to see how this is going to go…

Success! The opt-in form went out this morning to all of our ERP consultants (our EMR newsletter is now in the works, but 1 baby step at a time, right?) and it was time to wait.

Now you should probably know that I am one of the very few “millennial’s” at Fidelis so social branding is something new I’ve been trying to push through. It’s slowly being embraced, but I want everyone in the office to embrace it.

Because of this, I was THRILLED when before the first batch of email’s had finished sending people were already signing up! How exciting! It’s awesome to see that consultants, even with all the emails, calls and crazy schedules, want to stay connected with Fidelis. We’re using this newsletter as a platform to keep our consultants updated with market rate fluctuations & trends, hiring activity, new projects that are rolling out and any other useful information we can pass along to them. And on the other side of this, we will being doing the same thing for our managers. We want to keep our contacts ahead of the curve every chance we get.

Right now we’re at about a 5% opt-in success based on the amount of emails that went out this morning, but to be honest, I would be thrilled if even just one person chose to opt-in. Like I said, I’m a Comm & Journalism girl at heart and knowing that anyone is reading what I write is an awesome feeling. Then throw in that (hopefully) the information is helpful to them, well that’s just icing on the cake.

I almost forgot, do YOU want to check out our newsletter? Please feel free to opt-in here:

Until next time,