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Fidelis Companies Honors Employees with ‘Wall of Fame’

Fidelis Logo - White.jpegTuesday, October 8, 2013 – Fidelis Companies recently honored employees with the unveiling of a ‘Wall of Fame’. Recognitions on the Wall of Fame include Fidelis Superstars, President’s Club honorees and yearly Biggest Biller individual awards.

The Fidelis Superstars plaque includes employees who meet and/or exceed specific production numbers in a single month. Employees honored in the recent unveiling include those met or exceeded the production numbers from January 2010 – current.

To obtain membership in the yearly President’s Club, an employee must meet and/or exceed a set amount (as of January 2012) in billed revenue in a calendar year. Previous to January 2012, employees were eligible for the President’s Club after they met and/or exceeded a different variation of expectations in a calendar year.

Individual recognition was given to the biggest billers from 2010 – 2012. This award recognizes one Fidelis Companies employee who has the top revenue at the end of each calendar year.

Honored Employees included:

Fidelis Superstars
2010: James Roberts*, May Li, Ph.D. Johnny Letourneau
2011: James Roberts*, May Li, Ph.D., Michelle Cessnun*,
2012: James Roberts*, May Li, Ph.D.*, Tommy McMullen*, John Branson
2013 (current through August): Johnny Letourneau*, Michelle Cessnun*, Tommy McMullen, Mike Simonson
*met production numbers in multiple months during coinciding year.

President’s Club
2010: John Branson, Michelle Cessnun, Tommy McMullen, Johnny Letourneau
2011: Michelle Cessnun, Tommy McMullen, John Branson, James Roberts, Johnny Letourneau, Mike Simonson
2012: Tommy McMullen, John Branson, Michelle Cessnun, Richard Steinfeld

Biggest Biller
2010: John Branson
2011: Michelle Cessnun
2012: Tommy McMullen

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