Motivation from NAPS 2013 Annual Conference

In case you missed it, the NAPS 2013 Annual Conference was held two weeks ago in Las Vegas and 5 of our team members were in attendance. For those who aren’t familiar with the NAPS acronym, NAPS stands for National Association of Personnel Services.

For our team members, the conference consisted of two jam-packed days of seminars and training sessions, networking events and a little Vegas sight seeing. Running on enthusiasm and little sleep, our team members soaked up valuable information and came back with renewed enthusiasm to implement these learned tasks in their day-to-day work routines.

Here are some things our team members had to say about the NAPS 2013 Annual Conference once they returned:

“This year’s conference was a highly informative event for our employees, both the veterans and the first timers. It’s even better to see them come back to the office and take the motivation and tools they learned at NAPS and begin implementing them in their day-to-day practice.”
Karen Richards, President & CEO

Karen at the Black & White party with Frank Sinatra's look alike.

“It was one of the best NAPS conferences I have attended. Jon Bartos and Greg Doersching’s energy levels were through the roof. Rob Moseley’s workshop advice was outstanding. All in all, extremely motivating and gave me the “right mindset” to achieve a new level of success.”

Dr. May Li, Scientific R&D Practice Lead

May and Charlotte preparing for a day full of seminars

“This was my first NAPS meeting and I think it was absolutely amazing. Every single talk I went to was valuable and I was able to take something from each one that I can implement in my daily work. Most of the speakers were inspiring, motivating and extremely knowledgeable! We just had a 2 hour meeting about how to start implementing some of the changes to make us more successful in the future.”
Dr. Charlotte Mitchell, Scientific Recruiter

Johnny holding up a NAPS conference sign.

“When you attend these conferences, there are always one or two new ideas, or improvements to your current process that you have the opportunity to hear.

The speakers are not just trainers, but those that have worked a desk, been in the trenches and have amassed their insights through hands on experience….being taught by those that have been successful running a desk just like me; creates a very personal message”
Johnny Letourneau, Medical Affairs Practice Lead

Jacob posing with Mario and Luigi

“This was my first opportunity to be apart of a NAPS conference and I was blown away with the quality of the presentations and how well everything was planned.

The speakers provided amazing insight into various recruiting tools and methods that we have already began to implement within our company.”
Jacob Barnes, Scientific Recruiter

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