Texas – A State of Biopharma Growth

So what’s the big deal about the Biopharmaceutical industry anyway? Well, considering it can provide medical innovation, has billions of dollars invested in it annually and provides employment to approximately 4 million people – it’s a humongous deal!

It is said that everything is bigger in Texas…why would it be any different for the Biopharma industry?

Here are 5 reasons why you should be in Texas and part of this influential industry!

1. Texas is in the top 10 for R&D Employment
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census Employment & Wage (QCEW) data, Texas is among the top 10 leading the nation in biotechnology research and development employment.

1- Employment Growth

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That’s a lot right! Texas takes its biotechnology industry very seriously; after all, the economic impact of this industry was estimated to be $75 billion in 2009 and that certainly is no joke. For every job that was created in the biotechnology field, another 2.3 jobs were generated.

In 2010, Texas was ranked No. 2 nationwide for the employment of life and physical scientists at 48,850 by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

2. Growth of Biopharma Manufacturing

Did you know?

Biopharma Manufacturing in the U.S has decreased by 8.0% since 2002, but Texas is one of five states that has increased its Biopharma manufacturing and has done so by 7.8%!

2. Annual Growth

3. Show me the money!

If its all about the money, then Texas is among the top 10!

3. Biotech wages

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Not bad at all, right? Still not convinced – did you know there is no state income tax in Texas – yee haw!

4. It’s all about the place you work!

Texas is striving towards bigger and better discoveries within the biotech, biomed and other research areas, which is why Texas has over 3,500 establishments and counting in this industry.

Don’t believe me? Well, did you know that Greatbatch (a leader in medical device manufacturing) moved its headquarters from New York to Texas; Frisco, Texas to be exact. The reason? Well isn’t it obvious? Because Texas is awesome – but also because Texas has a growing medical devices industry and Greatbatch wanted to get in on the action. Dallas has a reputable medical device sector; Greatbatch relocating it’s headquarters not only confirms this, but shows Texas is well on its way to becoming a niche in the medical device market.

You may have also heard about Texas A&M receiving a grant for its flu vaccine facility – this is a considerable step in terms of leveraging drug development and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Now that A&M has partnered with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and other regional partners it will be possible to manufacture flu vaccines right here in Texas by the end of this decade. This helps Texas further its position in the biopharma industry.

Additionally, Merit Medical (a manufacturing firm that produces proprietary disposable medical devices) will open its new research and manufacturing facility doors by the end of 2013. This 18,000-square-foot facility is based in Pearland, Texas and will create an estimated 220 jobs.

So as you can see, Texas continues to house some major players in the industry and that list is growing!

5. To be or not to be a Doc? That is the question!

According to NSF, Texas ranked No. 3 for number of doctorates awarded in biotech related fields such as Health, Life and Biological Sciences.

Education is a vital part of the industry, as there is always a need for skilled, professional individuals with specialized knowledge in their respective fields to further enhance the medical discoveries to keep a dynamic industry. Texas is renowned for its research medical schools and for its research and development. In fact, five Texas universities made the top 100 list for best medical research schools by U.S News & World Report 2013:

5. Health Colleges

R&D in Texas is supported by its substantial health related institutions, universities and private biotechnology research firms. Texas has access to many R&D facilities, and on top of that, it consists of over 1,500 medical and testing laboratories including blood, pathology, imaging, diagnostics and device testing services. If you are talking about research don’t forget, Texas is at the forefront of cancer research as well, with recognized institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center based in Houston, Mary Crowley Cancer Center and Scott & White Healthcare Cancer Research Institute both based in Dallas.

Top Ten Texas Public Institutions for Biomedical R&D 

5. Institution



So, there you have it. With a growing professional workforce, top-tier research institutions and a booming biopharma industry, which is only going to continue growing, Texas is certainly the place to be!

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**Please note that the number of 89,610 workers in the biotech related field includes the following:
1. Research and Development in Biotechnology
2. Research and Development in Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
3. Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing
4. Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
5. Electromedical Apparatus Manufacturing
6. Analytical Laboratory Instruments Manufacturing
7. Medical and Diagnostic Labs
8. Testing Laboratories
9. Pesticides, Fertilizer & Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing
10. Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing 

6. Doctorate Research