How do you spend a Monday afternoon? Well, yesterday some of us spent it bowling our hearts out in Addison. As a prize for a second quarter contest, our team members were invited to two hours of bowling, courtesy of our wonderful owners, Alan Butz & Karen Richards.

Obviously, not everyone could make it: kid’s after-school duties, awaiting the arrival of a new baby, prior work conflicts, etc. But, those of us who did partake in the early afternoon had enough fun to make up for everyone else!







Take for example, Mike, above. I can only assume he was imitating our logo, running to his turn at the lanes. And the form of the Fidelis men! I’ve never seen more pointed toes and expertly executed bowling form; they definitely outdid us females in that category!






Between laughs, some close calls, a competitive game of bowling poker and some laugh-til-you-cry wipe-outs, it was above and beyond a successful bowling excursion. And the fact that it was black light bowling was the icing on the cake! Who doesn’t love fluorescent bowling balls and laser lights? How we were all feeling this morning though, that’s an entirely different story!




So, thank you to all the teams that met and exceeded the qualifications for the second quarter contest. It was a fun time had by all!