Happy Thanksgiving From the Fidelis Family!

Each year, we put together some of our ‘Favorite Fidelis Thanksgiving Recipes’ to share with our networks. We’ve included those recipes below to share with you!




We also host a family dinner the day before Thanksgiving and invite family of our employees. Everyone brings their own dish(es) and after a productive morning of work, we all gather and test out everyone’s creations! And what would a Thanksgiving meal be without naps to follow? So, after everyone is finished eating and chatting, the kitchen is cleaned and we begin our Thanksgiving holiday.









We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We’re happy to share our day with you!


Ingredients for Brine:
1 cup kosher salt
1 cup brown sugar
1 gallon water
House seasoning
3 – 4 lb. duck, boned
3 – 4 lb. chicken, boned
18-21 lb. turkey, skin intact and boned except for drumsticks
Cornbread dressing – your own recipe or dressing of choice

Ingredients for House seasoning:
1 cup salt
¼ cup black pepper
¼ cup garlic powder

To make the brine: Mix salt and sugar with the water. Brine is ready when the mixture is completely dissolved. If the water is heated to quicken the process, make sure it is cooled to room temperature before placing meat in. Let the 3 birds sit in brine in the refrigerator overnight.

Preheat roaster to 500 degrees F.

Lay turkey skin side down on a flat surface. Dust turkey with House Seasoning and add 1/4 -inch layer of cornbread dressing. Lay duck skin side down on top of dressing. Dust duck with House Seasoning and add 1/4 -inch layer of dressing. Repeat with the chicken.
Begin trussing up the turkey at the neck. Insert metal skewer about 1/2 -inch from the edge and up through the other side. Run butcher’s twine between skin and skewer and tighten to draw both sides together. Continue down to legs. With every other skewer, draw together the duck and chicken skin. Tie together turkey legs to resemble standard turkey. Dust turkey skin with paprika.
Roast turducken for 15 minutes. Then turn the roaster down to 225 degrees F to finish, approximately
3 hours. Remove turducken from roaster once the internal temperature in the chicken reaches 155 degrees F. Let rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.

Cut across the middle of the breast completely through. Plate thin slices containing turkey, duck and chicken.
Cook’s Notes: If using a smoker to cook, smoke at 225 degrees F for 5 hours, rotating every 20 to 30 minutes until internal temperature reaches 155 degrees F and external temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Try to keep the flare-ups from the fire to a minimum.

*Recipe from Paula Deen via

Delicious Pecan & Cheese Ball

1 pkg. cream cheese (softened)
2-3 finely chopped green onions
Salt/pepper and garlic powder to taste
Finely chopped smoked ham
Chopped pecans – separate into2 groups – half will go into the mix, the other will be used to coat the cheese ball

1. Add all ingredients into one large bowl, mixing well. You can add as much chopped ham and crushed pecans to the mix as you would prefer.
2. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste.
3. Using plastic wrap, form all ingredients into a ball by wrapping it up.
4. Place the ball into a refrigerator until it firms up a bit.
5. Remove from refrigerator and roll the ball in a plate of chopped pecans until the ball is coated.
6. Place the ball on a platter and sprinkle with greens from the chopped onion.
7. Arrange crackers around the ball for your appetizer presentation!

Chocolate Torte

1 (18.25 ounce) package devils food cake mix
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
1 (1 ounce) square unsweetened chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Prepare and bake chocolate cake as directed on package. Bake in 2 – 9 inch round pans. Allow cakes to cool. When cakes are cool, cut each one in half with a long serrated knife, making four layers
2. In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla. Beat until soft
3. In a separate bowl, whip cream to soft peaks, then fold into cream cheese mixture
4. Place the bottom layer of cake on the serving plate. Spread 1/4 of the filling on cake layer, then continue to stack up layers with 1/4 of the filling on each layer
5. Finish top with the final 1/4 of filling and grate the chocolate on top. Refrigerate for 6 hours before serving

Pumpkin Pie Cobbler

3 eggs, beaten
1 ½ tsp. cinnamon
1 pkg. yellow cake mix
15 oz. can pumpkin
1 cup sugar
1 ¼ cup margarine, melted
12 oz. can evaporated milk
1 tsp. ginger
1 cup chopped nuts, (pecans work best)

1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
1/8 tsp. salt

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Mix the first eight (8) ingredients together.
3. Pour into an ungreased 13×9 baking pan.
4. Sprinkle cake mix on top.
5. Drizzle with margarine or butter
6. Bake at 350 ° for 25 minutes.
7. Top with nuts and bake an additional 15 minutes.