1st Annual Fidelis Salsa Challenge

With our 1st Annual Fidelis Salsa Challenge, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo “work week style!” With an overwhelming 10 entries, our team members voted in a blind salsa challenge and we crowned our 1st Annual Salsa Challenge winner!

Rules were:

*Entry fee: $1.00 per entry (only applies to those entering salsa, anyone can sample)

*Entries are due by 10:30 am

*Bring your best salsa… homemade, unique brand you have found, etc…..

*Bring the salsa in a Tupperware container or hidden from public view

*Each entry will be provided a numerical number that will be marked on the salsa dipping bowl provided

*At 11:30 – every person that wants to join will “sample” each salsa, confidentially vote for their favorite and put the ballot in the ballot box

*The winning salsa will receive all the $$ from entry fees

*Chips will be provided

Salsa Challenge 4

Entries were submitted. Numbers were drawn. Sample cups were numbered and divided out. And at 11:30, the conference room officially turned into a salsa tasting room. Comments quickly started flying about which numbers were the hot one’s and which were the early favorites, but only 1 could win and it was going to be a tough choice.

Salsa Challenge 3 Salsa Challenge 13 Salsa Challenge 17

Voting soon ensued as everyone tried to narrow their favorites down to their top choice; there could only be one winner so who was it going to be?

Salsa Challenge 23

After a quick tally of the tickets, the 1st Annual Fidelis Salsa Challenge Winner is……..

Salsa Challenge 29

Alan Butz!
Congrats on your salsa supremacy Alan!

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