Wrapping 2011 up right!

Well, we just closed a 3-6 mo Lawson deal with Catholic Healthcare West! Congrats to Michelle & Bryce for that great job.

Also, our Biopharm department and Engineering department just added a new internal employee this week and our ERP division is looking for a new internal Business Development Manager so we’re definitely rolling into 2012 with an optimistic outlook on the market.

And from what we’re seeing, we’re definitely going to need the additional help. My division (ERP) has 2 Business Development Managers (AM’s) and 1 Practice Director (recruiter) and they’ve all surpassed their estimated 2011 goals and the 4th quarter isn’t even complete. Wow!

It’s been an interesting year for me though. I’ve transitioned through a couple different roles while trying to assimilate to the “real world” and the cut throat IT business. I finally settled in as Project Coordinator, which I LOVE, and hope things will start taking off after the new year. I’m trying to help track down and bring in new potential clients for my AM’s so they can have an even better 2012, so I’m hoping the market stays in this upward trend.

That’s it for now, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for that awesome 2012 we’re all hoping for in our ERP bubble!

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