Social Media and the iPhone Phenomenon

I thought this would be a fitting first blog since I’m blogging from my iPhone! What are you’re thoughts about Steve Jobs passing? What an amazing guy for this generation!

I’m sure if not him, someone would have made a name for themselves in the same area, but not like Steve I’m sure. And what about how dedicated he was to his co-creation, Apple? Fighting pancreatic cancer and pushing his company to he next level every day. How many people working today are even half as dedicated? Can you imagine what things would be like If more people were like Steve? Wow, there would be a lot of brilliant, dedicated, hard working people in the market!

And how awesome is it he was here to see the most recent iPhone release?! Speaking for myself, he’s one of the most influential people of my generation. Having social media at my fingertips every day has been both a blessing and a curse, but once you jump you can’t look back!

How, as a traveling consultant do you use social media platforms? Is it easier too keep up with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter while sitting in the airport? Or, have you not dove head first into the smart phone world yet? I just took the leap in May and have been hooked ever since. What are some thoughts on social media and how the iPhone has helped connect you with you’re world back home?

You will be missed Steve Jobs.