Director, Regional Medical Scientists Group

“Better than how much I enjoy working with Johnny, is how much I’ve gained from his knowledge of people and the industry. He has steered me into several value personnel decisions over the last two years. He always seems to be just a phone call away, so it’s particularly easy to talk to him…to hear his manner of advocating and presenting himself and his clients, and to hear his creative solutions. Johnny is a recruiter of highly talented people that I would use again…and again.”

SAP Finance Consultant

“John is a very honest recruiter who is willing to listen to a potential consultant’s requirements and work hard to find a perfect match. His employer, Fidelis, is a very good organization, pays well, fully automated and at your service whenever needed.”

Manager of Financial Systems, Major Mid-West Health System

“We have used Fidelis to find a resource to assist us with our Lawson ERP environment upgrade. They definitely did a great job of communicating with me re: the status of our search and once a resource was placed with us, they helped ensure that the results that we expected/demanded were met. I will definitely use them again for Lawson and KRONOS technical resource searches.”

Project Manager, Oil & Gas Company

“Tommy was a vital part of our most recent SAP project. His ability to provide superior resources was critical to the projects successful delivery. Several of the resources Tommy provided were elite and were only made available by his relentless efforts to identify talent. It was a significant relief to have Tommy take on this effort so that the project teams could focus their energies elsewhere.”

DIS Strategy Solutions, University Medical Center

“I would like to commend Fidelis for providing prompt, courteous, and intelligent service. Mike and Michelle did an excellent job to understand our needs and provide select resumes for our review. They were also willing to work within our specific contracting requirements to ensure a speedy transaction. The resource we acquired, Larry, has already proven his worth as a knowledgeable and personable expert. It is rare to find a consultant who is respected by applications and infrastructure teams, but he has achieved it rapidly. He was exactly who we needed. Thanks!”