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Fidelis Companies certifies 14 recruiters; Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialist (CTS) designation from NAPS awarded!

ATLANTA, GA – 2013 – Karen Richards, CERS, President and CEO of Fidelis Companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, announced today that 14 recruiters have received national certification designations from the National Association of Personnel Services.

The CPC designation was awarded to Jacob Barnes, Bill Johnson, Johnny Letourneau, Charlotte Mitchell, Heath Anderson, Richard Steinfield and Jessica Thompson. The CTS designation was awarded to John Branson, Michelle Cessnun, Timothy Noakes, Bryce G. Shields, Jessica Thompson and Chris White as well as Karen Richards.

Along with the 14 newly certified recruiters, Fidelis has 5 recruiters on staff, along with Karen Richards, who were previously certified with either the CPC or the CTS certification. Those employees are: Tom McMullen, CTS, Mike Simonson, CTS, May Li, CPC, James Roberts, CPC, Trish Wyderka, CPC as well as Karen Richards, CPC.

The CPC and the CTS are the only national designations recognized globally by the personnel services and staffing industry. A CPC must be knowledgeable on employment laws and regulations, as well as the highest standard of business practices set forth by the NAPS. Today, Karen’s team joins approximately 9900 Certified individuals in the nation, a designation that began in 1961!

“Attaining national certification through the NAPS is one way our recruiters can set themselves apart from the rest,” said Karen Richards, CERS, CPC/CTS. “It ensures that industry professionals are knowledgeable on the most current employment laws, the highest ethical standards and the best business practices. This allows my team to bring that valuable expertise to our clients and candidates.

Each year, approximately 700 candidates from nearly every state in the nation sit for the CPC and CTS exams, explained John Sacerdote, NAPS President. “The continued growth in the number of staffing professionals who are seeking certification is a strong indication of how well-regarded these designations have become to corporate clients of staffing firms.”

Certification exams are reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect current federal employment law. Highlights of the exams include: laws against discrimination; relationships with candidates and clients; reference checking; contracts; bonding; owning your own company; payroll; truth in lending; employer liability; Consumer Protection Act; as well as case studies.

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Counter-offers: Accept or Reject

Addressing the possibility of a counter-offer with a candidate is a regular part of every conversation with candidates when they begin the interview process for a new position. Our recruiters have seen counter-offers work out successfully but they have also seen a candidate accept a counter-offer only for it to backfire months later and the candidate is looking for a job on their previous employer’s terms, not theirs. More often than not though, they have seen candidates walk away from a counter-offer and be the better for it.

Walking away from a counter-offer and your comfort zone of employment can be a scary thing, but walking away on your terms for new position and new company can be a great turning point in your career. You’ve already spent personal time working with your recruiter or sending out your resume, dressing up for interview after interview and talking things over with your family so why throw all that hard work and time off of work away to accept a counter-offer from a company you already wanted to leave?

Most people don’t look for a new job at a new company where they are the new guy/girl just for the money; there are usually other reasons someone spends hours of their personal time looking for a better opportunity. Remember those reasons you are unhappy with your current company/position when your current employer tries to entice you with a little more money. Why were you unhappy? Can a larger salary make up for the cons of the position?

Nick Corcodilos, a headhunter in Silicon Valley, addresses this dilemma in “Ask The Headhunter: Should I Reject a Counter-Offer From My Employer?” Nick answers the question: “If another company makes me a bona fide job offer and I resign my old job, what should I do if my original employer comes back with a counter-offer? Should I leave anyway?”

Nick addresses several aspects, both good and bad, of counter-offers and how they can affect the candidate and their current work environment if they accept and stay. If you’re struggling with what to do about a counter-offer, read this article and talk to your recruiter.