2011 was a great year, but I have to say, 2012 sure is starting off nice. We’ve started gaining steam in our EMR division, going through the hiring process for a new internal Account Manager and the days are flying by with plenty of stuff to do! (At least for me!) The last two weeks… Read more »

Well, we just closed a 3-6 mo Lawson deal with Catholic Healthcare West! Congrats to Michelle & Bryce for that great job. Also, our Biopharm department and Engineering department just added a new internal employee this week and our ERP division is looking for a new internal Business Development Manager so we’re definitely rolling into 2012 with… Read more »

So, getting this blog going has proven to be difficult. Not so much the writing part, but the finding time to take a breath these last couple of weeks, much less add a new post. I apologize. What’s been going on around here: EVERYTHING!!! I’m not sure what you’re seeing in the market but last… Read more »

I thought this would be a fitting first blog since I’m blogging from my iPhone! What are you’re thoughts about Steve Jobs passing? What an amazing guy for this generation! I’m sure if not him, someone would have made a name for themselves in the same area, but not like Steve I’m sure. And what… Read more »